Connecting Strategic Vision with Smart Planning, Clear Messaging and Ecological Thinking

Philip Conkling and Associates bring an interconnected, ecological point of view to organizational development and project planning, helping organizations and businesses navigate the trade offs and long-term costs and benefits of their decision making within the environments in which they operate. These are the interests, experiences and skills we can apply to your business or non-profit challenges to working toward a sustainable future together.

Philip Conkling is one of the most intelligent, practical and effective individuals I know. His abilities as a consultant make him a valuable source of guidance for any organization that is working to be useful. I have total confidence in him.

Horace Hildreth

Director, Diversified Communications

Over 30 years ago, Philip Conkling started a non-profit organization to develop strategies for integrating community development and environmental goals. Today that is called “sustainable development,” but three decades ago no one knew what that phrase meant.

“In order to show what we meant by sustainable development, we told stories of people whose lives illustrate how natural resources can be carefully used to keep communities vibrant, initially through words and photographs. We launched communications platforms, including a newspaper and an annual magazine to showcase these stories. Along the way, we learned how to raise money to keep these enterprises going and expanded our work across the nation. Still later we connected with others on the internet and through social media and as a result have developed experience and successful partnerships we are eager to share.”

– Philip Conkling

We help clients clarify vision, communicate goals and plan implementation strategies.

Organizational Strategy

Finding focus on key goals and strategies helps chart a course for organizational growth.

Sustainablilty Analysis

Research and information gathering helps an organization to make informed decisions for a sustainable future. 


Telling your organization’s story helps create a connection with your audience and delivers your message with a greater impact.

Development and Fundraising

Identifying key funding opportunities and partners is the foundation for crafting a successful fundraising strategy. 

Philip has a wonderful mix of mission, informed pragmatism, dry humor, and creative narrative. This gets stories across, regardless of medium. His primary craft is writing, but he has deep collaborative experience with visual artists. I’ve worked with him for over 20 years in educational, advocacy, campaign, and creative projects in the worlds of film, web video, television, social media, and print.  Most recently, he’s been an invaluable advisor in the launch of Conservation Media Group, a not-for profit initiative that puts media to work with conservation groups advocating for a future with healthy oceans and renewable energy.

David Conover

President and Founder, Conservation Media Group

Good storytelling is vital to all organizations.

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